The project primarily addressed the issue of urban water management and particularly focused on stormwater and urban runoff in order to achieve sustainable water quality and conservation outcomes.

The project specifically addressed stormwater harvesting, water conservation and effluent reuse, salinity, lack of appropriate stormwater management in new urban developments, deteriorating water quality and declining natural flows in waterways.

The project also addressed waste management specifically litter reduction and sediment reduction (to improve water quality); the project included the development and improvement of wetlands and vegetation management to improve flows in waterway.

The project worked with education, business, industry and households to increase sustainability performance in urban areas by encouraging the adoption of best practice in the use and reuse of water.

Case Studies for individual Council projects have been completed:

  1. Junee Shire Council: Construction of Concrete "V" Drains
  2. Coolamon Shire Council: Recycled Waste Water Storage
  3. Greater Hume Shire Council: Improving Water Quality at Jindera
  4. Cootamundra Shire Council: Installation of Gross Pollutant Traps to Muttama Creek Stormwater Drainage
  5. Cootamundra Shire Council: Boundary Rd to Muttama Creek Improvements
  6. Gundagai Shire Council: Effluent Re-Use Containment Upgrade
  7. Tumut Shire Council: Tumut Water Plan Re-Use
  8. Urana Shire Council: Urana and Oaklands Stormwater Management Plan
  9. Cootamundra Shire Council: Piping of Open Drain Hurley/Parker Street Intersection to Muttama Creek
  10. Bland Shire Council: Stormwater Capture and Harvesting
  11. Greater Hume Shire Council: Jindera Stormwater Management Plan