Regional Representation

REROC takes an active role in representing the interests of its members. Councils are constantly being asked for feedback on a wide range of issues. The preparation of submissions for government inquiries whether they are for Federal or State governments is a time-consuming activity and consequently it is one of the activities that REROC undertakes on behalf of its members.

REROC works collaboratively with members to prepare responses, ensuring that all councils have the opportunity to provide input to submissions. Over the last nine years REROC has prepared and submitted some 30 responses on behalf of members on a diverse range of topics, samples of which are listed below:

  • Response to the DLG Position Paper A New Direction for Local Government
  • Submission to the DLG on Business Clusters
  • Response to the Draft NSW State Plan
  • Response to the Draft Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Financial Sustainability of Local Government
  • Response to the Independent Inquiry into Financial Sustainability in Local Government
  • Response to the Upper House Inquiry into Municipal Waste Management in NSW
  • Response to the Inquiry into the Integration of Regional Rail and Road Freight Transport and their Interface with Ports
  • Response to the Inquiry into Skills Shortages in Rural and Regional NSW
  • Response to the Accreditation of Council Certifiers Discussion Paper
  • Submission to the Productivity Commission on the Review of the Gas Regime
  • Response to the GIAC Report: Rail/Road Options for Grain Logistics
  • Response to Life Long Learning: The Future of Public Education
  • Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economic, Financial and Public Administration on Cost Shifting onto Local Government
  • Response to the Inquiry into the Effects on Government Agencies of the Abolition of the Common Law Immunity of Non-Feasance
  • Response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Impact of Competition Policy Reforms on Rural and Regional Australia
  • Response to At the Crossroads Inquiry into Cost Shifting in Local Government
  • Response to the Inquiry into Commercial Regional Aviation Services
  • Response to Slot Management System for Regional Airlines using Kingsford Smith Airport
  • Response to WorkCover's Proposed Working Near Roads Guidelines - REROC successfully lobbied against the introduction of these Guidelines.