Take Charge and Volunteer

The Riverina’s own volunteer website has been officially launched, and is already linking young people from throughout the area with local organisations who need new volunteers.


Take Charge! Riverina Leadership Forums 

The annual Take Charge Riverina Youth Leadership Forums draw 140 Riverina students together for a day of inspirational guest speakers and workshops combined with an energetic hula-hooping activity and opportunities to share ideas with like-minded young people from throughout the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) area.

Between listening to the guest speakers, the students rotated around three separate capacity building workshops.


Build a Bridge Camp

Build A Bridge...and get over it! is a 3 day Camp run by REROC in partnership with Compact. The Camp aims to encourage students in years 10 to 12 to consider a career in civil engineering. Students participate in practical, hands-on activities over the three days that allow them to experience the work that a civil engineer does.

Engineers from the REROC region mentor the students with help from Engineers from the NSW IPWEA and Roads and Maritime Services. The Camp is held at Borambola Sport and Recreation Centre on the outskirts of Wagga Wagga.


Waste Forum

Co-operation between REROC member councils in relation to waste management

The REROC Waste Forum was established in 1997 to promote co-operation between REROC member councils in relation to waste management. Since that time it has expanded beyond waste management issues to encompass a wide variety of environmental issues and has been responsible for initiating a number of diverse projects.


Riverina Spatial Information Group (RivSIG)

The Riverina Spatial Information Group (RivSIG) was formed to support professionals working in the area of spatial technology in the Riverina region. The group includes members from the eastern and western Riverina region who work within local government, state agencies and government departments as well as private enterprise. RivSIG is auspiced by REROC.


Mapped Out

REROC in conjunction with the Riverina Spatial Information Group undertakes annually the Mapped Out Conference to showcase the use of spatial data to enhance the operation and delivery of government services.



The project primarily addressed the issue of urban water management and particularly focused on stormwater and urban runoff in order to achieve sustainable water quality and conservation outcomes.

The project specifically addressed stormwater harvesting, water conservation and effluent reuse, salinity, lack of appropriate stormwater management in new urban developments, deteriorating water quality and declining natural flows in waterways.


Careers in Local Government

Local Government in NSW is a $6 billion industry that touches almost everyone, in some way, on a daily basis.

More than 50,000 people work in the 152 councils that are located in city, regional and rural locations across NSW. They work in jobs as varied as engineering, children's services, planning, arts and culture, environmental planning, recreation services, tourism, economic development, libraries and museums, finance and administration.

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The aim of conducting Resource Sharing Projects by REROC is to improve the level of efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in each of the participating Local Government Areas. By working together through effective resource sharing activities the Participating Councils are aiming to:

  • Lower costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve the quality of service delivery
  • Provide greater opportunities for business and industry