REROC activities are focused very clearly in three areas:

  • Resource Sharing
  • Finding Regional Solutions for Local Problems
  • Regional Representation

Resource Sharing

REROC's main focus is the identification and implementation of resource sharing activities. The activities undertaken have been wide and varied. A number of projects have been investigated with some leading to significant cost savings while others have been shelved because they do not generate savings or cannot be successfully implemented. Resource sharing activities are achieved through both economies of scale and economies of scope.

Finding Regional Solutions for Local Problems

Much of what REROC undertakes could be described as finding regional solutions for local problems. However there are occasions when REROC will specifically establish a regional initiative in response to an identified problem. 

Regional Representation

REROC takes an active role in representing the interests of its members. Councils are constantly being asked for feedback on a wide range of issues. The preparation of submissions for government inquiries whether they are for Federal or State governments is a time-consuming activity and consequently it is one of the activities that REROC undertakes on behalf of its members.