REROC Women in Local Government Network

REROC established the Women in Local Government Network in 2009 as an initiative to promote the 2010 Year of Women in Local Government and to support the professional development of female councillors and council staff.

The Network meets on a quarterly basis, usually in Wagga Wagga to hear from guest speakers and to discuss issues raised by the members. The Network agreed to undertake 3 major activities to promote 2010 the Year of Women in Local Government. The activities are:

  • Profiles of female councillors and staff members appeared on the last Wednesday of the month in the Daily Advertiser. The Daily Advertiser is the regional daily paper and the profiles aim to promote the diversity of the roles that women undertake in local government. The profiles commenced in February 2010 and ran for the entire year.
  • The Women in Local Government Forum was held at the Charles Sturt Univeristy Convention Centre on Tuesday, September 14. The Forum is aimed to promote careers in local government with the theme Start Local, Go Global.Speakers with local national and international experience spoke about their careers and journeys in local government. The Forum included spearate professional development sessions for councillors and staff.
  • Participation in a Regional Careers Expo - promoting careers in local government, not just for women but for everyone. Skills shortages affect every council in the REROC region and the Network believes that one way to address the issue is to promote the benefits of a career in local government. REROC and the Network will be involved in the Riverina Careers Expo to be held in October 2010 where a Local Government Village will allow schools students to particpate in hands-on activities that show the diversity of careers in local government.