Wood Smoke Reduction

Burn Bright

Wood heaters, they’re warm and cosy.

Just watching the flames can make a dull winter’s day brighter.

Wood heating is great way to heat your home. However you probably never thought about it, but smoke from wood heaters can also be a major source of pollution.

Wood smoke can be a nuisance not only around your home but also in your neighbourhood. It’s also a health hazard because wood smoke can contain fine particles and toxic compounds that can cause respiratory problems.

Burn Bright aims to provide residents of Bland, Coolamon, Cootamundra, Gundagai, Temora, Tumut and Wagga Wagga with information on the ways that they can improve the operation of their wood heaters.

Here are some simple tips for getting your wood heater to burn brightly:

► Use several small logs instead of one large one and stack them loosely so that air can circulate around them.

► Use seasoned, untreated wood. Unseasoned wood contains moisture which causes smoke.

► Don’t burn rubbish, driftwood, painted or treated wood.

► Get a hot fire going quickly and use plenty of paper and small kindling to start.

► Open air controls fully when lighting and loading and keep air controls open enough to ensure your fire is burning brightly.

► Increase the air supply if you see your chimney smoking.

► Maintain a bright flame, never let your heater smoulder.

► Check your chimney regularly, if there is a lot of smoke then increase the air supply to your fire.

► Have your chimney cleaned regularly to prevent creosote build-up.

Click here to download the Burn Bright information brochure and click here to see the TV advertisement. 

For further information on the environmental and health impacts of wood smoke, please visit the EPA website.